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Customers are looking for online presence, now

With a population of 22 million, over 59% of Australia adults go online to purchase goods or services and 82% of people using the internet in Australia research products, brands & reviews before buying anything (whether from a shop or via online).

Ensure your website provides leads, sales and/or information

Websites have turned from being a business decision into a business necessity. Just like the yellow pages have gone from being a business necessity to a business decision. Making a website is a very unique
experience, where your current branding and marketing message needs to link with the rest of your
marketing collateral while increasing your bottom line. Our team will work with your organizations
corporate identity while still bringing together an interactive design for the end users.

Target your demographic, not everybody

Our design team go to great lengths to learn about creating the best user experience through different design styles, colours and layouts to ensure that you don’t just get a good looking website – you get a
website that will entice an action from the customers you are looking to acquire. Cheap website alternatives like templates and same layouts, miss your potential customers and stops your ability to grow your
business via online presence, while showcasing to users the lack of character behind your brand identity.

Your competitors are currently stealing your customers

Between 2011 and 2012, there has already been a 27% increase in the amount of people inquiring about
products and purchasing items online. If it is an average increase, it would suggest that your business
potentially has already a 25% online growth by not having a website or not having a website that talks and interacts with the customers who will grow your bottom line.

On time, on budget & no hidden-costs

Working with a business who has had such extensive experience is key because from the outset of the project, we ensure that every possible avenue has been discussed and reviewed before the project starts. This ensure that you are provided with the website you want mixed in with our online marketing ability of what you customers need.

On time:

Ensuring your website goes up before that crucial exhibition, before the next round of radio advertising or to start gaining bigger leads and sales is what Online Edge™ do best. When we set a time frame for all projects, it is always achieve, as any potential project blowout factors are already factored for.

On budget:

Listening to your desires and what your customers interact with most, ensure the website project that is signed off on at the start has already got every feature, functionality and concept implemented, which ensures that the budget is firm. All budgets are for a flat rate, so if our team has an issue with coding, we will never pass the costs onto you. In line with this, you are still not restricted to the functionality we allocated at the start, as quotes can be requested for additional items at any time of the development.

No hidden-costs:

Website design teams will never inform you of the minor ongoing costs of a website, from email, hosting, domain names, etc. At the outset of every project, we break down the pricing schedule so you understand every cost incurred by a website, outside of the website development we will be involved in.

Easy to update and manage content

Online Edge™ provide you with user videos and written documentation on how to update your website, from altering the words on a page, changing images and even publishing blog posts. Our interface replicates Microsoft Words interface, so if you can write a letter, you will be able to keep your website up-to-date without too much worry.

Get a quote today, to beat your competition

With 93% of Australian’s using the internet in 2012, it just shows businesses how important it is to have a website as soon as possible. We know how specific a website must be in order for a business to adopt its full potential and our goal is to achieve such an outcome. So, call or email us to see how we can accommodate your business and fulfill your requirements.


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    The team at Online Edge™ are just amazing, we appointed them for our new website and it came out amazing! Since then we got them to start our AdWords and then onto SEO. We could not be happier with our ranking results and just how quick they are to communicate. Thank you Guys, a credit to the industry!

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    We have been working with Online Edge™ for a couple of years now and they have just been amazing. Almost every week we have sold out kids parties which has resulted from our energetic website and current Google rankings.