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Pay per click advertising is as effective as paying qualified customers to come into your store

Pay per click advertising is as effective as paying qualified customers to come into your store

Used correctly, Google AdWords can provide fantastic value for money and also accurate targeting of your advertising dollar and customer style.

If you have a product that has a limited or unlimited supply and you can sell any distance (close or far) from your business then Google AdWords can enable you to grow beyond your current scale at a pace you can control. Yes, no matter your circumstance – AdWords can benefit your business overnight.

Gaining the most out of Google AdWords is a highly technical skill and one that requires devoted attention. The team from Online Edge™ has consistently achieved strong results whilst using the
minimum possible budget. In some cases we have actually halved our clients Google ad spend whilst retaining the same sales performance.

Our service for google adwords includes:

  1. Building a unique AdWords campaign to your business objectives
  2. Updating content on selected AdWords traffic pages
  3. Providing enticing, captivating & informative content for Ads
  4. Regularly updating the ad content & online offers
  5. Constantly culling out the AdWord clicks that do not result in a purchase
  6. Growing your campaign in proportion with the growth of your business

Are you managing your own adwords?

If you are managing your own AdWords campaign but you are untrained in this area then there is no doubt we can create far stronger performance for your business from the same budget.

Are you on a limited budget?

The incredible thing about AdWords is that your ad spend is under your complete control day by day and even hour by hour. We have clients who advertise heavily at the start of the week for example and then when they are booked out we turn the AdWords off for that week. There are so many ways to get value for your money with AdWords.

Would you like to target an exact audience?

Google AdWords allows you to target viewers of certain style, browsing devices, time of the day, geographic location, language choice and so on – the variants are almost limitless.

What’s the difference between seo and adwords?

SEO takes time to build up your presence and Google has control over your rankings not us or you and they can change the rules. AdWords can be working in a few hours and you have complete control of what you do and how you spend your budget.

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    The team at Online Edge™ are just amazing, we appointed them for our new website and it came out amazing! Since then we got them to start our AdWords and then onto SEO. We could not be happier with our ranking results and just how quick they are to communicate. Thank you Guys, a credit to the industry!

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    We have been working with Online Edge™ for a couple of years now and they have just been amazing. Almost every week we have sold out kids parties which has resulted from our energetic website and current Google rankings.