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About Online Edge

Your website is a workhorse, it’s there to produce a result. We understand that and it’s our job to make sure it is a faithful and productive worker.
We custom design websites, that are easy for you and your clients to use, so that you can create value through engagement, leads and/or sales.
Our experience has shown that one of the greatest challenges in websites today is that they go out of date – which is a bad reflection on your business and has the
potential to rob you of the performance and income that you should be deriving from your online presence.
Rather than just being web designers, we focus on how you want your website to perform – so that your website will be up to date and performing at its best at all time.
Our aim is to give you the independence and freedom to update your website easily and instantly from your computer which will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your site as well as the service that you provide to your customers.


What’s The First Step?

Give our team a call to discuss your requirements and we are more than happy to meet with a no obligation discussion about what your ideal
scenario would be.


How Online Edge ™
Can Help You

The team at Online Edge™ assisted over 100 businesses achieve their goals and objectives online. We have got the right team to allow you to take the next step to improve sales as well as grow your brand awareness. If you would like to see some of the businesses we have assisted visit our Case Studies page or click the button below to see the extensive services we offer.


Engage Customers, Build Leads & Grow Sales

Every service that we can provide to you is customized to suit your specific requirements and needs. Our focus is to ensure that your business can be represented correctly on the internet, that you constantly improve your traffic volumes and sales performance. You can be confident our experience and knowledge will help grow your online presence.


Necessity for Your Business Growth

An online presence is a business essential these days – whether you are selling products, providing key industry information or trying to grow leads. Potential customers will look at your website as the resource and initial face of your business. Online Edge ™ has the ability to turn this into a reality for any new website start-up or revamping current websites.
Don’t just get a website designed and built, get a team who understands SEO, website architecture & PPC advertising and can build a website that is focused on growth, rankings, traffic and most of all sales.


What Can You Do Now?

You’ve already taken the first step, which is looking into people who can provide such a service, which is great. The next step would be for you to sit down with the team and actually map out exactly what you want out of your website, the functionality it should have, the SEO rankings you want or the budget to spend on paid advertisements. We can help you define exactly what you would like to achieve

Brands we have worked with

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    The team at Online Edge™ are just amazing, we appointed them for our new website and it came out amazing! Since then we got them to start our AdWords and then onto SEO. We could not be happier with our ranking results and just how quick they are to communicate. Thank you Guys, a credit to the industry!

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    We have been working with Online Edge™ for a couple of years now and they have just been amazing. Almost every week we have sold out kids parties which has resulted from our energetic website and current Google rankings.